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Pause the betting

the Sport

Recognize the risks & make a plan.

Keep it Fun.

It can be enjoyable to place a bet on your chosen team or the big game, especially when you are doing it with friends or family.

Betting should not be a replacement for your hobbies or a way to earn income, and winning a bet should not be more important than cheering on your hometown team with your friends and family.

set limits ➺ recognize the risks ➺ know when to stop ➺

Know when to pause.

Online betting apps and platforms have made placing a bet easier and faster by letting people bet from the convenience of their phones at any time of day or night. With online sports betting, it is now possible to place multiple bets on your phone in real time as a game unfolds in front of you.

The ease of betting with a single click has led to a concern that people are placing more bets than before and are doing it faster, which can lead to developing a problem with gambling.

make a plan

It is important for Maryland residents of any age to play responsibly by setting limits, gauging your risk, and knowing when to stop.

Are you at risk?

It is not always easy to tell if you or someone you know is struggling with a problem with gambling. Look for these common signs:

  • Withdrawing from relationships with family and friends
  • Hiding gambling behavior from loved ones
  • Gambling more often or with more money
  • Borrowing money with no explanation
  • Chasing your gambling losses.

Get Help.

No Cost Treatment Now Available for Anyone Wanting Help for a Gambling Problem

Counseling for gambling problems at no cost to Maryland residents is now available for anyone seeking help regardless of insurance coverage, financial status, or ability to pay.


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