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  • All calls are free
  • All calls are confidential
  • Available 24 hours a day

Who will you speak to?

When you call this number, you will speak with someone trained to provide help for people with gambling problems. The help-line specialist will let you know about the closest self-help meeting or the closest available counselor. Gambling problems are a treatable medical condition. 

Why Call?

For gamblers, family members and friends, gambling can become an urgent crisis. Gambling problems often escalate quickly, rapidly impacting more and more people, hurting family, friends and employers. People with gambling problems are at high risk for incarceration and suicide. It is very important to get help as soon as possible. Gamblers, their family, their friends, or employers are welcome to call the free and confidential helpline. Calls can be answered with TTY and in over 160 languages with the use of the AT&T language line.

What help can you expect?

  • The helpline counselor will listen to your problems.
  • The helpline counselor can connect you with a peer counselor (counselor who is a person in recovery)who can listen and help you decide the best path for to address any problems gambling is causing you.
  • The helpline counselor will make a recommendation about services, which can offer you or your family member support.
  • The helpline counselor can let you know about the closest Gamblers Anonymous Meeting. GA is an organization, which supports people with gambling problems. Attendance is free and confidential.
  • The helpline can make a referral to a counselor trained to understand problem gambling.
  • The helpline can provide written materials about gambling problems mailed in plain envelopes.