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These are some of the most common warning signs:

  • Spending more money than intended on gambling.
  • Gambling for longer periods of time than intended.
  • Getting into serious financial trouble because of gambling.
  • Lying to cover up gambling losses.
  • Using gambling to escape personal problems and distressing feelings.
  • Thinking about gambling all the time.
  • Being unable to set limits.
  • Gambling in spite of losing more than can be afforded.
  • Problems paying bills because of gambling losses.
  • Not paying bills to cover gambling losses.
  • Gambling to cover loses.
  • Destroying families and relationships because of gambling.
  • Borrowing or stealing money from family, friends, or employers to keep on gambling.
  • Experiencing poor job performance or losing a job because of gambling.

Gambling Problem Prevention Tips

  • Gamble for entertainment, not as a way to make money
  • Set a budget BEFORE you start to gamble and stick to it
  • Never chase losses.
  • Limit your time to gamble.
  • Don’t mix drinking and gambling.
  • Balance gambling with other recreational activities.


If any of these warning signs describes you or someone you know, call the 24/7 free-confidential helpline and speak to a counselor, 1-800-GAMBLER.