Peer Recovery Support Specialists

Help is a phone call away with someone who “has been there”

The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling (The Center) now has Peer Recovery Support Specialists available to help individuals seeking to limit, control or stop their gambling, and connect them with the most useful resources in their communities so they continue to work toward their goals in dealing with any gambling problems. Peers have lived experience in recovery and training in how to assist those seeking help to connect with recovery resources.
The Center’s Peers will help individuals connect with existing problem gambling recovery resources within Maryland, remove barriers to recovery, and provide assistance in navigating recovery treatment resources.
Peers will also be available for “warm transfers” – calls transferred from Maryland HELPLINE (1-800-GAMBLER) and other organizations, offering a “real time” connection to answer questions individuals may have about resources and options to address concerns about their gambling.
If you or any one you know is gambling problematically or struggling with gambling addiction, call 1-800-GAMBLER today and ask to speak with a Peer Recovery Specialist, or call 1-667-214-2120.
For more information about the Peer Recovery Support Specialists program, please contact the Center’s Clinical Director, Jeff Beck, at 667-214-2120 or

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