Public Awareness Campaigns

Also known as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Month. This July, the Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling (the Center) invites you to join us in promoting health equity issues of minorities with problem gambling prevention. Maryland data shows minority populations are at a greater risk of problem gambling behaviors. Help us raise awareness of this health disparity and work to create equity in awareness, education, prevention, treatment, and recovery for all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color with a gambling problem or a disorder.
This May during National Mental Health Month, take a mental health break to recognize an opportunity to share the importance of care in our relationships to other and to ourselves. Sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle to achieve “wellness” in our daily lives is important, but it can also be a challenge, especially if dealing with addictive behavior.
Families, in any formation, are the core of our communities. It is through awareness, collaboration and support that we keep families and the communities they live in strong, healthy and vibrant. Problematic and addictive behavior in adults can threaten the very foundation of a healthy and safe environment – and often, children are the easiest target for release of anger and frustration.
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, a national public health awareness campaign developed to increase awareness and understanding of the causes and treatment of alcoholism. Established in 1987, alcohol awareness month allows communities to focus on spreading awareness and reducing the stigma associated with alcohol addiction. Adding problematic gambling behavior into the mix of frequent alcohol consumption increases the risk of harm and addiction.
The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling (the Center) is committed to increasing the capacity of mental health/behavioral health care treatment and prevention programs to address gambling, problem gambling and gambling disorder through enhanced screening, assessment, awareness, intervention, recovery and health promotion strategies, and to make the impact of gambling behaviors on recovery, health and well-being a relevant topic of conversation within communities and organizations.
It’s March and basketball “madness” abounds! It’s known that more and more states are discussing and passing sports legislation. The American Gambling Association AGA, estimated that over 50 million Americans will bet over 10 billion combined on March Madness 2022 – with an increasingly larger share going towards legal US online sports books and casinos.
Each March, the Center actively promotes Problem Gambling Awareness Month, a grassroots public awareness and outreach campaign established by the National Council on Problem Gambling to educate the general public and healthcare professionals about the warning signs of problem gambling and raise awareness about the help and resources available.
Sunday, February 13, 2022 is football’s Big Game, one of the most celebrated sports events of the year. It’s also one of the biggest sports events for placing a bet. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA) over 23 million people in the U.S. will wager over 4 billion on the game.