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Providing Specialized Knowledge on Gambling Treatment to Counselors

Clearly the most cost-effective system of Level II care delivery is to “train up” counselors already in place in treatment settings across the state. Research indicates counselors benefit form the specialized knowledge of gambling treatment, so they learn how to help with complicated financial restitution needs, legal conflicts, vocational and interpersonal and relational conflicts specific to problem gamblers and their families.

The Center, in partnership with the clinical trainers of the Maryland Council on Problem Gambling, has a roster of trainers who have worked in over 43 states, ten Canadian provinces, and nine other countries. Our training staff includes the current president of the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board and an international expert on gambling treatment among diverse populations.

The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling Training Program

One of the first problem gambling counselor training programs was started in Maryland. Following the V.A. gambling treatment program model, The Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling has modified and developed clinical training into three levels of training using current research and evidence based and practices.

Part One

A basic 15 hour program that gives the essentials in gambling treatment to those interested in helping to: recognize, screen, assess, diagnose, stabilize and refer clients seeking care.

Part Two

Completes the Level I requirements for national certification for a total of 30 hours of clinical training. Topics such as financial management, family therapy, neurobiology, psychopharmacology and co-occurring disorders prepare the counselor to treat gamblers and their families in an out- patient setting.

Part Three

Advanced topics meet the requirements for Level II clinical training for those seeking national certification. Modules include the use of motivational interviewing with gambler, risk reduction and gambling treatment, gambling and the law, treatment strategies, and special populations.

To support the clinicians new to gambling treatment the Center provides two monthly clinical case conference calls at no charge to the counselor. These calls are intended to offer support, mentoring and coaching to counselors new to gambling treatment to assist in the integration and consistent use of effective gambling treatment strategies.

Please note the State of Maryland does not require certification of gambling counselors at this time. The Center’s training program offers approved gambling specific training for those counselors who may be interested in this level of recognition of their training and skills. Please go to www.IGCCB.org for details on certification.

Training – Columbia, MD (2012)

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