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basketball march madness

This March, take the “Madness” out of Gambling

It’s March and basketball “madness” abounds!  The press reports that over 50 million Americans will wager a collective $8.5 billion on 2019 NCAA Basketball “March Madness” brackets, with almost half of those wagers ($4.6 billion) in illegal bets (office and online pools and other “community settings”).

For most, completing and “betting” on tournament brackets is a fun, competitive group activity. But for some, “March Madness” may be part of a more problematic approach to gambling.

Gambling should never be viewed as a solution to financial problems and for making up for past losses. Problem gambling is not just an individual problem, but can disrupt friendships, family relationships, and life.


Here are a few tips to take the madness out of March Tournaments:

-Only gamble what you can afford to lose – set a dollar limit to the amount of money you bet and stay within that budget

-View tournament pools as a form of entertainment – do not chase past gambling losses or view tournament pools as a way to make money

-Limit alcohol use when gambling

-Participate as part of a fun group activity – avoid gambling when you are alone or depressed


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