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This March, take the “madness” out of gambling

This March, take the madness out of Gambling


take the “madness” out of Gambling

The 2021 NCAA Basketball tournament begins on March 18th providing thrills and surprises for the next two weeks. Excitement is building, and part of the fun is completing tournament brackets, whether sponsored by an organization or through friends.

Over 47 million Americans are predicted to bet on this year’s tournament, either online in states where sports betting has been implemented; within casinos and other authorized betting venues. Many will be through “illegal” pools.  And the money predicted for this tournament is to far exceed the 2019 amount of 8.5 billion dollars (legally and illegally bet).

Did you know:
Young adults ages 18-25 who gamble and do so problematically will LOSE an average of $30,000 per year in their gambling activities.

For most, completing and “betting” on March basketball brackets is a fun, competitive group activity. But for some, this activity may be part of a more problematic approach to gambling.

If you gamble, here are a few tips to take the madness out of March Tournaments:

    • Only gamble what you can afford to lose – do not chase past gambling losses or view tournament pools as a way to make money.
    • Limit alcohol use when gambling.
    • Participate as part of a fun group activity – avoid gambling when you are alone or depressed.

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