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This holiday, give a child a toy and not a ticket.

This Holiday Give A Child A Toy Not A Ticket

Lottery tickets are NOT suitable holiday gifts for children under 18.


Research has shown that many adolescents gamble at least occasionally, and that lottery products may be a gateway to problem gambling. Youth gambling has also been linked to other risk-taking and addictive behaviors such as smoking, drinking and drug-use. Just like drugs or alcohol, youth can get addicted to gambling.


Gambling addictions for youth can lead to missing school, failing grades, and problems with friends or family. Here are some warning signs that youth may have a gambling problem or be at risk for developing one:

-Always or nearly always thinking about gambling.

-Missing school or don’t go to work because they are playing dice or some other game (online or otherwise) that involves winning money.

-Often losing more money than they can afford.

-Used their savings or money for necessary things like lunch money or book money for gambling.

-When they lose money, they feel like they have to continue gambling to cover up losses.

-They are always anxious about finding a game and get angry when they lose.

-They would never tell their parents or friends about how much they lose when gambling at any game.

-They have taken money that doesn’t belong to them so they can gamble.


This holiday, have the conversation about the risks of gambling and gambling addiction with your family, your children, and your friends. We can help!


Call or text the Confidential 24/7 Helpline: 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537)

or visit helpmygamblingproblem.org