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The Art of Gambling Recovery

To Be Featured at the Friday Night Highlight Event

at the 29th National Conference on Problem Gambling


July 10, 2015 – 6:00-9:00PM

The Co-Hosts of the 29th National Conference, The Maryland Council on Problem Gambling and The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling, invite you to participate in an art showcase that captures a moment in the journey of recovery with a focus on gambling and recovery.



+ Participation is open to individuals in the recovery community, Gamblers Anonymous, Art Therapists, Treatment Providers, Advocates, and Prevention Specialists.

+ Submit a digital image of the art via email to Lori Rugle at lrugle@psych.umaryland.edu.

+ Include the art description (size, art medium) and your contact information.

+ The art can be a photo, drawing, painting, or any art image that can be displayed and hung on a wall.

+ Deadline for submission is Friday, May 15, 2015.

+ A panel will review the submissions and select the images that best represent gambling and recovery.

+ The number of art pieces to be selected and displayed will depend on the number of submissions and the size of the art pieces.

+ The Center will make arrangements to have the art shipped to Baltimore by June 26, 2015. The art pieces will be return shipped the week of July 13th.