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The Center offers a problem gambling prevention grant program to organizations who wish to integrate problem gambling prevention strategies into their current scope of work. This year’s grants focus either on youth or special populations at risk for problem gambling.  Up to $10,000 for Special Population grants and up to $1,000 for Youth Grants will be issued per organization.  The deadline for submitting an application is: September 22, 2023. If you have any questions please contact Heather Eshleman, Prevention Manager by email: heshleman@som.umaryland.edu or phone: (667) 214-2120

Youth Grants

The main objective of this grant opportunity is to educate and/or empower youth and young adults to be knowledgeable of the risks of gambling and become advocates for change by raising awareness among their peers.

There are two options for the youth grant implementation:

  • Peer Led Prevention Strategies
    Encourage youth and young adult leaders to educate their peers on the risks of underage and problem gambling. In addition, youth and young adult strategies should educate peers on how gambling can become an addiction and how it relates to mental health and substance misuse problems.
  • Maryland Smart Choices Curriculum Implementation
    A 45-60 minute, 3 session program designed to provide middle through high school students with the basic facts about gambling and the risks, especially for youth.

Special Populations

The goals of the Special Populations grant are to:

  • educate community organizations and the populations they serve on the facts and risks associated with gambling.
  • integrate problem gambling prevention into their work with public health promotion for underserved and at-risk populations
  • have a wider reach to promote public health among Maryland’s communities across the State, especially as it relates to problem gambling.