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September is national recovery month

September is National Recovery Month

Each September, we focus our awareness efforts toward helping to disseminate information about the resources available that enable those with a substance use problem or other addictive behaviors including problem gambling and disordered gambling, to live healthy and rewarding lives. Recovery from addiction is possible and it does not need to be a solo journey. Please join us in celebrating national recovery months it’s for everyone. Let us help you start your journey on the road to problem gambling recovery.

Recovery is Possible

Recovery is a personal journey of hope, purpose and growth. It is a process of setting your own directions in life. It is accepting the responsibilities of meeting challenges, using your own abilities, strengths and determination. It is never too late to begin the journey – and we can help!

Support is Essential

It’s a long road to recovery. Although the faces of addiction are many, all persons on the road to recovery need the support of others. And these others need to be familiar with what it means to be an addict. The Center’s Peer Recovery Support Specialists help individuals seeking to limit, control or stop their gambling by connecting them to the resources you need.

Have the Conversation with Someone Who “Has Been There.”

The Center’s Peer Recovery Support connects help seekers with the most useful resources in their communities, including “no cost treatment,” so they continue to work toward their goals in dealing with any gambling problems. Peer recovery support services are delivered by individuals who have common life experiences with people they are serving. These services help prevent relapse and promote sustained recovery from addictions.

Peers are often easier to talk with because they have walked a similar path and provide a variety of support mechanisms:


Encourages the individual through empathy, concern or caring by helping to strengthen confidence and self esteem.


Shares knowledge and information of resources available to guide individuals to success, including access treatment at no cost.


Assists people in completing tasks necessary for successful recovery; i.e., transportation, housing, etc.


Helps individuals gain a sense of belonging and being with others.

Staying on the Road to Recovery

Working on recovery and a life of health and wellness is a journey that requires time and energy. Relapses are not uncommon, however, with the support of a peer and the coping skills and tools you will learn, a life of health and wellness can be achieved.

Start your journey on the road to recovery today!