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Center Staff Contributes to 26th Annual NCADD Tuerk Conference

The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling participated in the April 9th Tuerk Conference, held at the Baltimore Convention Center. This year’s theme: “Impact on Behavioral Health” attracted over 1400 professionals from Maryland and surrounding States.

The Maryland Center of Excellence along with the Maryland Council on Problem Gambling jointly provided training and prevention resources, fact sheets and public awareness information related to the documentary, “Understanding Joy” at their table display. The conference provided an opportunity to meet many of the professionals who have already taken Center sponsored clinical trainings and to promote clinical and webinar information to many who are just learning about the Problem Gambling resources available through the Center.

This year the Maryland Center increased its participation in the NCADD conference by having Donna Gaspar, the Administrative Manager, recognized with the Unsung Hero award for her many behind the scenes accomplishments. Additionally, Carl Robertson the Prevention Manager conducted two afternoon breakout sessions: “Gambling at Your Fingertips: Internet and Wireless Gambling…” and Christopher Welsh, MD, Medical Director of the Center presented: “Opioid Overdose in Maryland” during his two sessions.

As stated in the new DSM-V, “Gambling is an Addiction”. The NCADD conference provided an opportunity for many addiction professionals to learn, understand and integrate Gambling knowledge into their current expertise regarding Alcohol and Drug.

The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling is focused on completing its second full year of operation by continuing to offer clinical trainings and webinars in April and May. The year will conclude with the 2nd Annual Maryland Gambling Conference on June 13th. Excitement is building on the opening of registration for the conference in the next couple of weeks.