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A New Year to Reflect, A Time for Support

Nothing suggests a fresh start than the celebration of each New Year. The New Year is a time for all of us to personally reflect on behaviors we seek to change in order to live a happier, healthier life.

For individuals who gamble problematically, the holidays and approaching New Year can be a difficult, stressful time for the individual and their families. Problem gambling and gambling addiction often result in significant losses financially which can lead to family/relationship conflict.

The gambler may max out their current credit cards and even open new credit card accounts to continue their gambling activity. In addition, bills may go unpaid and money may be borrowed or stolen from loved ones or friends, as the gambler often unsuccessfully tries to win back their losses.

Making a New Year’s resolution to simply just stop gambling behavior may be an unrealistic goal without the resources for a complete support system and recovery plan. The end goal of limiting, controlling or stopping gambling behavior is important, but the steps for support is an essential process on the road to sustained recovery.

There are many free and confidential resources to start and stay on the road to recovery from problem gambling and gambling addiction. Whether you are the gambler or a family member, it is important to find a counselor (offered at no cost in Maryland) or support group (Gamblers Anonymous and GamAnon) to offer the in-depth support you may need. Peer Recovery Support is also offered free of charge for Maryland residents and offers additional support to resources and recovery.

It is also essential to first start the process of working on the relationship with yourself, building hope and self-respect, and then begin the process for rebuilding and repairing relationships that have been impacted to due gambling behavior.

This New Year, resolve to live a happier and healthier Life. If you or someone you know is impacted by gambling behavior, reach out today for a New Year of hope and help!

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