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2022 Statewide Gambling Prevalence in Maryland

The 2022 Statewide Gambling Prevalence in Maryland survey was conducted from April to July 2022 and aimed to provide updates on the prevalence of gambling and gambling behavior in the State. This is the fourth iteration of this survey, providing the state with data to identify any important changes in gambling behavior.

Over 4,000 Marylanders participated in the survey and were included in the analysis. Respondents were classified as gamblers if they had ever participated in any of the eleven forms of gambling (i.e., gambling at a casino, using gaming machines outside of a casino, spending money on lottery games, placing bets at horse races, placing bets at dog races, playing bingo outside of a casino, gambling on private games, betting on sports events or fantasy sports, wagering online, or any other kind of gambling activity). The overall percentage of Marylanders who reported in the 2022 survey that they had ever gambled (90.4%) was similar to the numbers reported in the 2010 (89.7%) survey and 2017 (87.0%) survey. It was, however, lower than the proportion of gamblers identified in the 2020 (92.3%) survey.

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