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    Getting Help

    If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, contact our 24 hour helpline.

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    Problem Gambling

    Know the signs of problem gambling. We offer a variety of resources for gambling cessation.

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    Important information for helping others to get over their addiction to gambling.

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    Knowing your resources can increase your chances of overcoming this problem.

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The University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Maryland Council on Problem Gambling, funded by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), bring together the best of credentialed experts in the treatment, training, education and prevention of problem gambling through the Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling (“the Center”). The Center provides hope, help and information by offering:

  • free and confidential 24-hour helpline
  • training and development
  • evaluation and research
  • prevention and awareness education

March is National Gambling Awareness Month!

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National Problem Gambling Awareness MonthThe Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling and Maryland Council on Problem Gambling are spearheading Maryland’s grassroots campaign to educate the public, health professionals and communities about gambling and its impact on public health. There are many resources which are available for training, treatment, referral, research and prevention that will be highlighted in numerous statewide events and trainings during the month of March.



Week 4

Week 4: March 23-31, 2014

How does gambling impact Maryland Public Health? Do you know someone who might have a problem with gambling? How many adult problem gamblers, how many adolescent problem gambler and how many college student problem gamblers live in our communities?


Problem Gambling Promo Video Week 3

Week 3: March 16-22, 2014

How can Problem Gambling devastate a person’s life, family and freedom? What can you learn from a Maryland female problem gambler and her story of Gambling Addiction? Watch: Maryland Public Television on Wednesday, March 19th at 8:00 PM to see the documentary “Understanding Joy”.

Week 2

Week 2: March 9-15, 2014

What do health professionals know about treatment resources? Mental health, substance abuse counselors and social workers are all on the front lines of identifying signs of problem gambling and recommending appropriate educational and treatment resources.


Week 1

Week 1: March 1-8, 2014

What do young people know and say about gambling? Young people were asked to describe in their own words how gambling affects their lives. What do prom and zombies have to do with their responses?


Understanding Joy

Understanding Joy: The Devastation of a Gambling Addiction

Understanding Joy is a revealing documentary on the destructive nature of gambling addiction. It will debut on Maryland Public Television on Wednesday, March 19 at 8 p.m. The one-hour special also will feature a panel of experts and a call-in telephone bank to respond to viewers’ questions or requests for help.

Understanding Joy enters the mind of a 57 year old woman whose gambling addiction has overcome her sense of morality and driven her to embezzle over $700,000 during a seven year period from two employers. As she awaits sentencing for her crime, she struggles to explain her disease to her children, to the world and to understand it herself. National experts on-screen review Joy’s symptoms and actions to address: the addictive nature of pathological gambling; the neurobiological evidence showing the brain’s addiction; the need for clinical interventions to control addictive behavior; and, the optimal response to gambling addiction from societal and legal perspectives. Joy is currently incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Maryland, sentenced to 25 years serving all but 17 (more information).