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'Tis The Season for Gifting Responsibly

Gift Responsibly. Lottery Tickets Aren’t Child’s Play

Many view gifting lottery tickets as harmless fun for any age that adds a touch of excitement in the anticipation of possibly wining money. However, research shows that children who gamble – including the use of lottery scratch off tickets – are four times more likely to become problem gamblers.

Problem Gambling and Domestic Violence

Problem Gambling and Domestic Violence

For most, gambling can be a fun, leisure activity. But for some, gambling can get out of control; it can become problematic and addictive. It can become harmful.

November is Veterans Awareness Month

November is Veterans Awareness Month

Nearly 10% of U.S. Veterans struggle with disordered gambling, a rate two-three times higher than the general population.  Click Here to visit a dedicate website for active military and veterans.

12-Hour, Four-Day Virtual Problem Gambling Basic Clinical Training Oct 21 -Nov 16

OVERVIEW As opportunities continue to rapidly increase for gambling across Maryland and our country, it has become increasingly essential for behavioral health providers to improve …

September is National Recovery Month

Each September, national awareness efforts help disseminate information about the resources available that enable those with mental and substance use disorders, including problem gambling/disordered gambling, to live healthy and rewarding lives. Recovery from gambling addiction is possible and it does not need to be a solo journey.

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

There is a connection between problem gambling and suicide. Individuals struggling with problem gambling or gambling disorder can feel distress and a sense of helplessness when dealing with the effects of their gambling behavior. They can feel alone. And their distress isn’t obvious.

8th Annual Maryland Virtual Conference on Problem Gambling

Mark your calendar and JOIN US on Friday, June 25, 2021, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM EDT for this exciting learning forum that brings together national and …

May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month

This May during National Mental Health Month, take a mental health break to recognize an opportunity to share the importance of care in our relationships to other and to ourselves. Sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle to achieve “wellness” in our daily lives is important, but it can also be a challenge, especially if dealing with addictive behavior.

Live a Less-Stressed Life

S Stress. It’s normal and no one is immune.  Let’s take a moment to recognize that most of us feel, or have felt, stress in …

Alcohol and Gambling Addiction – Not a Good Mix!

Alcohol & Gambling Addiction Not a Good Mix! Research shows that addictive disorders, such as pathological gambling and alcohol use disorders frequently co-occur at greater …

Child Neglect and Problem Gambling

Child Neglect and Problem Gambling

Families, in any formation, are the core of our communities. It is through awareness, collaboration and support that we keep families and the communities they …

This March, take the madness out of Gambling

This March, take the “madness” out of gambling

THIS MARCH take the “madness” out of Gambling The 2021 NCAA Basketball tournament begins on March 18th providing thrills and surprises for the next two …