The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling (the Center) is committed to building an extensive Problem Gambling Treatment Provider Network (Maryland GamNet) throughout the state of Maryland.

Addiction and Mental Health Counselors listed on the Treatment Provider List have fulfilled specific requirements to be included as a resource for those and their families struggling with gambling addiction.  The Treatment Provider referral list is available through the Helpline (1-800-Gambler); on the Center’s website, and the MARG (Maryland Alliance for Responsible Gambling) website.

Treatment Provider Referral List Requirements


1.) Complete an initial minimum of 30 hours of problem gambling specific training to be listed on the referral list.

2.) After the minimum 30 PG specific hours are achieved, obtain a minimum of 10 problem gambling specific CEU’s annually.


3.) Participate in a minimum of 8 Case Consultation calls annually.

The Case Consultation Calls are held four times a month. These calls are designed to provide supervision and guidance with a board supervised Clinician.

Download Counselor Authorization Directory Form


4.) Complete a brief problem gambling services survey each month – Disordered Gambling (DG) Treatment Provider Monthly Report.

If you are a licensed counselor, and meet the initial training requirements, please complete this form and fax to (410-799-4396), or scan and email to


If you have any questions or need to request any extensions please contact Jeffrey Beck, Clinical Director at 667-214-2120 or